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General Documentation
 TopCon Quadro Product Brochure - Series TC.P (some available voltages are missing) pdf16x16
 TC.GSS Product Flyer, 400 VDC, 500 VDC, 600 VDC only pdf16x16
 Solar Array Simulator Flyer - SASControl software pdf16x16
Technical Datasheets
 TopCon Quadro TC.P TopCon Quadro technical datasheets
 TC.GSS bidirectional; power supplies TC.GSX with PFC; regenerative units TC.GXS with PFC TopCon TC.GSS technical datasheets
 TC.ACS grid simulators TopCon TC.ACS technical datasheets
 TC.LIN, DC/DC linear postprocessors TC.LIN linear postprocessors
 SASControl and other softwares Software
 ACSControl software for gris simulators TC.ACS Software for AC sources
 Bidirectional Q14 ReGen () pdf16x16
Application Reports - Application notes
 Battery simulation - Simulating and testing batteries for bidirectional power devices pdf16x16
 Solar Array Simulation - Brochure "PV simulation for development and equipment testing" pdf16x16
 Solar Array Simulation - AppReport - The modular solar array simulation system pdf16x16
 Battery Test and Maintenance based on TopCon ReGen systems () pdf16x16
 Automotive Industry - Applications of Regatron power supplies pdf16x16
 Bidirectional DC supplies with feedback to mains TopCon ReGen () pdf16x16
 Bidirectional DC supplies with electronic load  TopCon RESACT () pdf16x16
 Modulated DC or Alternating Voltage / -Current - Low frequency AC applications pdf16x16
 Surface Technology (Plasma) - Applications of TopCon programmable power supplies pdf16x16
Technical Notes
 Hoch genaue MPP- und MPP-Wirkungsgrad-Berechnung mit TC.LIN-Firmware V0.34 pdf16x16(German)
 Mains Connection for TC.P programmable power supplies pdf16x16
 Master Slave Configuration Manual - Stand-alone and multi-unit configuration pdf16x16(DE+UK)
 Output Stage Protection for AC/DC programmable power supplies pdf16x16
 Device interface X109 Manual - Disconnecting discharge resistors for Y-capacitors pdf16x16

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