TopCon - Programmable power supplies from Regatron


The TopCon product line is divided into different families that can be found in this section:

  •     TopCon TC.P - TopCon Quadro: This section describes the main component of all TopCon systems: the TopCon Quadro power supply, AC/DC, unidirectional, well known as TC.P types.

    You will also find the link to the linear post-processing power unit TC.LIN.  

  •     TopCon TC.G:  In this family there are bidirectional products like TC.GSS, and unidirectional products like TC.GSX - similar to a common TopCon Quadro power supply but with power factor correction - and TC.GXS, a feedback unit that allows to feed energy from the load (DC side) to the mains (AC side).
  •     TopCon TC.A: This section describes the TC.ACS programmable high-power three-phase Grid Simulator.
  •     Software products:  This section describes the software products provided by Regatron. The main products are the control- and maintenance software TopControl, the TopCon Function Engine (TFE), SASControl (SW for solar array simulation), BatControl / BatteryControl (SW for battery management), BatSim to simulate batteries, GridSim for grid simulation, CapSim to simulate capacitors.
  •     Systems:  Systems are all Regatron products that combine a TopCon device with any other peripheral components (like cabinet, electronic load). These products are predominantly custom-tailored.
  •     OEM power supplies: Regatron offers its competence from engineering services, PCB layout / creation up to the implementation of custom-tailored software.

General Introduction

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The development of programmable power supplies with high dynamics allows for new applications in process engineering, testing and laboratory use.

Efficient solutions can be realized with today's compact and market-proven primary switched power supplies where up to now voluminous rotating machines or current rectifiers with the well know problems of high ripple, low dynamics and high cost had to be used.

The primary switched compact power supplies from Regatron provide excellent dynamics of output voltage, -current, -power and internal resistance simulation.
This is the result of the uncompromised use of digital signal processors in an optimized multi-processor architecture and of a full digital controller structure. Typical system response times with ohmic loads are under 1 msec, with mixed ohmic / inductive loads around 1 – 2 msec.





 Power supplies from Regatron are successfully used for:

  •     Simulation and substitution of real DC sources like
    •         Batteries
    •         EDLC - supercapacitors
    •         Solar panels
    •         Fuel cell stacks
  •     Supply of
    •         Burn-in- and test-systems
    •         Plasma loads e.g. surface technology
    •         Radar modulators (klystron, magnetron)
    •         Highly dynamic DC applications
    •         Pulse laser
    •         Smart grids
    •         Demagnetizing and degaussing systems

Here there is an overview of Regatron production of programmable power supplies.

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