Integrated bidirectional power supply TopCon TC.GSS, family TC.G

TopCon modular Grid-tie Source/Sink (TC.GSS) is an integrated bidirectional AC/DC programmable power supply. It allows to provide and feedback energy between the grid and a load. Bidirectional regenerative series TC.GSS and unidirectional series TC.GXS with regeneration capability and power supplies TC.GSX with PFC are presented in the following pages:

Regatron manufactures also modular bidirectional regenerative AC power sources with AC and DC output, named TC.ACS

Rental unit programmable grid-tie source/sink power supply Bidirectional programmable power supply rugged 128 kW TC.GSS Bidirectional programmable power supply TC.GSS Regenerative power supply 64 kW TopCon Regatron Bidirectional power supplies liquid cooled high power

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