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General Overview

Development, tuning and testing of today’s energy technologies call for active source/sink systems. Up to now, most power supply providers either offer split source/sink systems or integrated fixed power supply systems without any modularity.

REGATRON manufactures a  series of integrated current-bidirectional power sources named TC.GSS. This series combines the excellent technical data of well-known TopCon DC power supplies with modern grid-tie inverter technology in order to handle both current flows from and towards the load. The modular TopCon concept is still maintained, so a finely graduated variety in terms of voltages and power is on the customer’s disposal. TC.GSS, TC.GXS and TC.GSX are intended to fit the same 19” cabinet like the today’s TopCon Quadro DC power supply family.

The units can easily be assembled in standard 19” racks with an absolute minimum of additional wiring. Thanks to this high degree of functionality, even big power systems only need a fractional part of space and wiring compared to conventional solutions.

System characteristics at a glance

  • Excellent matching to grid by PFC (Power Factor Correction) functionality
  • Full modular concept, providing easy later system upgrade
  • Perfect galvanic isolation towards grid and earth
  • Wide range of power 20 to 512 kW, expandable up to several MW using the Master Array Controller TC.MAC
  • DC output voltages from less than 65 VDC up to 1500 VDC
  • CE compatible
  • High dynamic response in both quadrants, fast quadrant crossover
  • Operation in CV, CC, CP  and ‘internal resistance’ modes
  • Full digital controllers and peripheric operations
  • Proprietary inter-unit bus system for easy master-slave operation
  • Parallel, serial and mixed-mode system configuration allowed

Grid compatibility

REGATRON regenerative bidirectional power supply series TC.GSS/TC.GXS is intended for general industrial and laboratory operation and therefore do not fall under the regulations of Electric Power Generation and Distribution as stated in VDE-AR-N 4105 for example.

Nevertheless, the units dispose of a fully automated grid monitoring system able to detect phase voltage, current and frequency and islanding conditions as well. In the case of a transgression of the programmed limits the unit comes to an immediate stop and the grid lines are disconnected. The TC.GSS firmware bases on a software module successfully tested and certified according to VDE 0126-1-1 regulations.

Depending on the local grid carrier's prescriptions, an external country-specific monitor box may be prescribed additionally.

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  • Testing and qualifying of battery systems
  • Development and testing of automotive power trains
  • Simulation of airborne and vehicle onboard power grid
  • Test benches for electrical drives, elevators, tower crane drives, cable railways
  • Evaluation and testing of hybrid concepts
  • Common electrical process engineering
  • Battery emulation
  • Energy buffer systems

Device topology


The new concept is based on state-of-the-art circuitry providing an optimum of performance, efficiency and dynamic response. The active grid-tied interface block eliminates the well known problems created by passive 6-pulse rectifiers. All relevant EN– regulations are met. The medium frequency transformer ensures a complete isolation of the DC bus versus the grid potential.

System topology

This concept not only offers very compact cabinet sizing, but also an extended modularity. By this, TC.GSS systems can easily be designed to the customers needs in terms of voltage and power. The TC.GSS architecture is designed in a way that an existing TC.GSS system can be upgraded at any time by simply adding further TC.GSS units with an absolute minimum of adaptation work!



TopCon operating modes up to a total of 4 units, upgradable up to many tens units

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