OEM Power Supplies

powersupply_1kw_mit_lfterblech_freigestellt_kleinDesigning modern switching power supplies calls for a high level of competence and experience. Since more than 45 years, REGATRON succeeds in the field of power electronics with reliable and forward-pointed products.




 Along with TopCon family products, REGATRON has developed an impressive line of OEM and customer power supplies covering the following fields of application:

  • military type battery maintenance systems for protected mobility
  • high power, high voltage power supplies for 125 kV line testing systems as OEM
  • high voltage generator for isolation fault locator systems as OEM
  • bidirectional charge rectifier/emergency grid generator for building emergency lighting
  • fast pulsed high voltage plasma driver modules
  • multi-channel feed/regen test bench for production tests (see figure)


oem_product_01_freigestellt custom_tailored_solution
A customer tailored test bench providing 8 power sources.  Regatron develops most parts of the
 technology on its own. This allows for
 optimized custom-tailored solution


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