TopCon Software Overview

The TopCon hardware is fully digitally controlled and can thus be programmed in various ways. This section keeps information on the general topics with regard to controlling the TopCon hardware as well as specialized software, predominantly for automation purposes (e.g. automated tests according to relevant standards). This section also links to an overview of proprietary programming of the TopCon device (e.g. using a Application Programming Interface DLL).

Software for DC sources

TopControl: The software to do the basic control of the TopCon device, series TC.P, TC.GSS, TC.GXS, TC.GSX. TopControl is supplied for free. 

TFEAAPControl (Function Engine): Description and specification of the optional TFEAAPControl (TopCon Function Engine with time-based functions, and Application Area Programming)

SASControl: Optional PC software for automation in the photovoltaic domain (mainly for testing of MPP Tracking abilities of the inverters). TFEAAPControl is necessary and included.

BatControl: Battery testing application with possibility to define own drive cycles, charge/discharge routines and to replay previously recorded data.

BatSim: Battery simulation application. This application adds to any bidirectional Regatron power supply system (e.g. TC.GSS, TC.ReGen, TC.ResAct, TC.ResPas).

FuelCellSim: FuelCell simulation application. This application controls the operation of a unidirectional TopCon power supply to simuate a fuelcell.

CapSim: simulation application for supercapacitors. This application controls the operation of a bidirectional TopCon power supply to simuate a supercapacitor. 

AccuControl (Obsolete): Optional PC software for automation with bi-directional TopCon systems; utilization e.g. for management of batteries. (replaced by BatControl, for further informations contact please

Software for AC sources

ACSControl: The software to do the basic control of the TopCon device series TC.ACS. ACSControl is supplied for free. 

GridSim: Grid simulator application

Programming TopCon units

There exist various ways how to program and control the TopCon PowerSupplies. Please refer to "Programming overview" menu on the top, or click here



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