ACSControl Software Interfaces

General overview

Regatron ACSControl software comes which each delivered TC.ACS system as a basic application and service software. It allows mainly for:

  • Setting the desired operation mode: function engine mode or amplifier mode
  • Setting of basic operational parameters (frequency, phase, voltage, waveform etc.)
  • Configuration of load device protection parameters
  • VOLTAGE ON/OFF remote control
  • LIVE VIEWER – numeric indication of all vital load port parameters
  • Error indication and error history handling
  • Setting and display of  the fully triggerable SCOPE multitrace oscilloscope
  • Preview window for output voltage waveform
  • Future software updates

Graphics - Screenshots from ACSControl application:

acscontrol live viewer acscontrol block tab
Live viewer screen Block definition TAB

System requirements

  • TopCon TC.ACS bidirectional three-phase grid simulator
  • PC with Windows 7/8/10 with 2 (4) GB RAM, 2 GB free space on harddrive, screen: 1024x768 pixel (recommended values)

Further information is available at the Regatron TopCon technical support:

Regatron AG
Feldmuehlestrasse 50

9400 Rorschach

Tel. +41 71 846 67 44
Fax +41 71 846 67 77 (at)