Battery testing and cycling software "BatControl"

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General introduction

BatControl is a software product of Regatron.

It main functionality consists of three big pillars:

  • Possibility to define charge (and discharge) algorithms
  • Possibility to run driving cycles (own or according to already defined standards)
  • Possibility to replay previously recorded discharge/charge data, hence to repeatingly simulate the burden to the battery of a real driving test (e.g. on racing course) - just inside your lab...

BatControl allows to select and run so-called "BatScripts" from a list of available scripts. These scripts automate the otherwise manually given commands to the TopCon power supply (these are commonly bidirectional systems like TC.GSS,  TopCon ReGen or TopCon ResAct). The scripts allow to run the commands according to a timeline, hence easily let the user define aspects like " charge that battery with 8 Amps for 90 minutes).

TC_1.SetCurrentRef (8)

Defining and running scripts is as simple as that example above! It is the intention of the software to empower the user to write his own tests. This only allows him to optimally do his research work!

Usage examples for BatControl

  • Charge / Discharge procedures:
    The example explained here is the  I - U - charge. It charges the battery for a fixed duration, then switches to a constant voltage charge.   In the case described the charge procedure ist stopped after the max time limit exceeded. 


  • Drive Cycles
    BatControl allows to define drive cycles to test a battery according to those settings. The example described is a very simple driving cycle (cf. red rectangle), that is easily extended to cover other driving cycles like ISO8714 or the FTP75, just to name two of them. 


  • Record & Replay
    This examples explains how to record data at one place (e.g. racing course) and replay it in the lab to test various energy storages. This reduces the need for doing real world tests and enables the repeating testing of the energy source as if it were in a real test scenario.


You can still access the (obsolete) page on the predecessor software "AccuControl - Battery Test Software ". 

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