Battery Simulation Software BatSim

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General Overview

  • The optional simulation model of batteries is an additional software component option of the application Energy Storage Simulation ESSControl.
  • Full integration with TopCon device series: TC.GSS, TC.GXS, TC.GSX, TC.DSS and TC.P hardware (power supplies).
  • Implementation of a comprehensive battery model. (Based on Tremblay/ Dessaint, 2009)
  • Selection from the most common battery models:
    □ Li-Ion, Lead-Acid
    □ NiMH, NiCd
    □ Further technologies (on request)
  • The BatSim model parameters are changeable in the GUI or in simulation scripts.
    □ Charge/ discharge current.
    □ Number of battery cells in series and parallel.
    □ Battery safety by battery cut-off limits.
    □ Influence of battery temperature*
  • Adaptation and controlling of the individual configured battery simulation models possible with a simple powerful scripting language.
  • Multi-channel data-logger with EventMarkers as time stamps and file export in file type: csv
  • Reporting/ output-to-file capabilities within the scripting language during process.
  • Data analysis (e.g. comparison) of different measurements in the time line via a DataAnalyser component.


ScreenShot from BatSim application:

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