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General overview

EDLC means "Electric Double Layer Capacitor", known also as "supercapacitor".  Simulating supercapacitors means to replace a real supercapacitor by an electronic power source able to handle the energy flow. 

EDLC’s are of a rapidly growing interest because of their very high capacitance, low internal resistance and the ability to handle millions of charge/discharge cycles. Although the energy storage density is lower compared to state-of-the-art batteries, the so-called ‘power density’ for charge/discharge processes is very high. Short-time processes which call for impressive current levels are best handled by EDLC’s. Mostly in the field of Electro Mobility, EDLC’s are used to deliver high currents (start and acceleration) or to take up high currents (braking, deceleration).
EDLC simulation by REGATRON allows the user to define the EDLC storage element by several parameters. In conjunction with bidirectional TopCon TC.GSS series power supplies, the behaviour of the selected EDLC is being simulated using several simultaneous processes:
- Calculation of the stationary DC voltage according to the drawn charge/discharge current
- Consideration of voltage drop across the internal resistance
- Determination of ‘volatile terms voltages’ derived from the dI/dt of load current
- Calculation of the influence of internal leakage resistance
Note: Max. charge/discharge currents are determined by the limits according to the used TC.GSS configuration.

Graphics - ScreenShot from CapSim application

EDLC simulation control TAB

System requirements

  • TopCon TC.GSS bidirectional power supply/supplies
  • PC with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 with 2 (4) GB RAM, 1.6GB free space on hard drive, screen: 1024x768 pixel (recommended values)


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