Grid simulation software GridSim for TC.ACS grid simulators

General overview

Regatron GridSim is a multifunctional application software option for REGATRON ACSControl basic software. It allows mainly for:

  • Setting of operational parameters for each output phase: (frequency, phase, voltage, basic waveform)
  • Defining functional blocks enabling a wide variety of modulation capabilities
  • Defining, editing and storing of even complex and long test sequences
  • Preview window for output voltage vaveforms
  • New LRC load mode, definition of complex equivalent circuits in TC.ACS load mode
  • Coming soon: Hand drawing curve tool and FOURIER tool (harmonics synthesis)
  • Coming soon: Grid impedance mode


Graphics - Screenshot from GridSim application:

gridsim block tabBlock definition TAB gridsim waveformsPhase-independent modulation capabilities
gridsim waveform editorMain waveform editor gridsim scope tabSCOPE functionality TAB

System requirements

  • TopCon TC.ACS bidirectional three-phase grid simulator
  • PC with Windows 7/8/10 with 2 (4) GB RAM, 2 GB free space on harddrive, screen: 1024x768 pixel (recommended values)


Simulating grid means to replace a real grid by an electronic power source able to handle both energy flow directions. TopCon TC.ACS technology opens up the ability to define and vary nearly all relevant electrical characteristics of a grid system within the physical and model based limits:

  • max allowed current
  • energy computing and management facilities
  • time-dependent and functional dependent parameters


Further information is available at the Regatron TopCon technical support:

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