Programming the TopCon Device

There exist two main approaches of an external control of the TopCon power supply:

  1. Low-Level Protocol (LLP):
    the highly efficient, fast but not too simple to be used "Low-Level Protocol (LLP)
  2. TopCon I/O Application Programming Interface (TCIO.DLL - API):
    the exploitation of a collection of TopCon related functions on a higher abstraction level compared to the LLP

LLP: The Low-Level Protocol

The "low-level protocol" (LLP) is an efficient data exchange protocol that is basis for all data transmission between the TopCon power supply and the outside controlling systems (e.g. PC).

The protocol consists of a communication initiation of the external part sending a command to the Topcon device (e.g. a 7-bytes length message). Immediately afterwards, the TopCon ps "answers" with the corresponding values, e.g. with a 7-bytes length response, covering a indicator if the command was successful and the value being asked for. The whole transaction of reading the actual output current (address:  0x005085) is depicted in the following figure. The full description of the basis functionality is provided in a special booklet.

Command read current implemented as Low-Level Protocol

TCIO.DLL: C/C++ - Application Programming Interface

The TopCon Input/Output (TCIO) DLL is a collection of functions concerning the access to the Topcon power supply.

Examples of possible commands are:

    • TC4GetCurrentAct(..) : this returns the actual value of the current 
    • TC4SetVoltageRef(...):  this command sets the reference value (limit) of the voltage at the DC output of the TopCon device.
    • ...

Here is the download of the current API description (base functionality).

.NET: dotNET - Application Programming Interface (under development)

The .NET programming API is a set of classes to be used for programming the TopCon power supplies from within a dotNET programming environment. 

Examples of available classes are:

    • TopCon: this is the main object with all standard functionality of a power supply device.
      • SetPowerON(); SetPowerOFF(); 
      • SetVoltage(42.3); 
        Double i = myTC.GetCurrent()
    • ...

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