SASControl: Solar Array Simulation Control

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General Overview

Regatron SASControl is a software product to control TopCon programmable power supplies with special focus on the photovoltaic domain. It is particularly adapted to the needs of testing solar inverters and allows the execution of standard based tests and measurements.

Core of SASControl is a versatile script programming system that gives the user the possibility to easily implement own programming sequences with one or more TopCon power supplies and to measure (and protocol) the resulting data.

It must be highlighted that SASControl offers all possibilities (including free sample scripts) to implement the tests according to the inverter testing standards EN50530: measuring the static and dynamic MPPT efficiency. The user can adapt those script to its needs and thus implement an own testing system without much effort.

Likewise a script to run a "course of a day" simulation (COADS) is provided: the script reads a set of irradiance data from a file and simulates this dataset.


sascontrol1_2010-05-03_en50530_liveviewer_02_wtcomment  LiveViewer view: watching your device under test changing irradiance and temperature,  controlling efficiency 
sascontrol2_2010-05-03_en50530_start_datacollector_01  8 channel data collector / logger allows to record (and view) the data during tests 
sascontrol3_2010-05-05_en50530_programming_wt_dyn_testprogram  Control of the test and processes with the simple, yet powerful scripting language  SASScript 
EN50530_dynamic_test_after210min_small  Already prepared tests according to EN50530, open script, can be adapted to your  needs  

Video example of a static test according to EN50530

System requirements (recommended)
  • TopCon Quadro TC.P or TC.GSS or TC.GSX power supply
  • PC with Windows XP/Vista/Windows_7 with 2 (4) GB RAM, 1.6GB free space on harddrive, screen: 1024x768 pixel

Further information is available at the Regatron TopCon technical support  (

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