TopControl software interfaces

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Programming API/ tcio.DLL
Current version of TopControl (Version 4.05.00)

Standard Interfaces

  • Analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • RS-232
  • PC Software TopControl inclusive Scope Function
  • Application Programming Interface for LabView and Visual C++ (DLL file)

Optional Interfaces

  • Front panel control unit HMI
  • Remote control unit RCU
  • Integrated function generator TopCon TFE
  •  IEEE 488.2 SCPI
  • CAN / CANopen
  • RS-232 / USB

PC Software TopControl

A user friendly PC program, the operating and service software TopControl, is included in the scope of delivery of the power supply package. TopControl enables the user to communicate with the power supply through the interface RS-232 which is part of the standard configuration. 

The functional scope of TopControl includes:

  • Output voltage on / off
  • Programming of set values
  • Display of actual values as well as warning and error messages

In order to well match user profile and access to software functionality, the PC software TopControl has several user levels which are protected by different passwords. The user has access to an extended functional scope in the password-protected levels of TopControl:

  • Configuration of multi unit master slave operation
  • Load specific controller parameterization (online access to PID controller parameters)
  • Programming of linear ramp functions related to "voltage-on" and set value steps
  • Setting of limit values
  • Calibration and adjustment
  • Reading of version levels
  •  Firmware updates
  • Analysis of various variables (set values, actual values, system state, etc) by means of integrated scope


Screenshot TopControl Software             scope
 Screenshot TopControl Software          Screenshot TopControl Scope Function

TopControl Scope Function

The SCOPE function - implemented into the PC software TopControl - is a further feature of practical use. With the help of this new tool, almost all TopCon related electrical values can be selected and displayed as 4-channel oscillograms. The SCOPE function eases the time related analysis of the process-relevant signals. SCOPE is particularly useful for the optimization of transient response times and for the determination of the ideal PID-controller-paramter setting for reactive loads. A separate 5th signal can be used as trigger channel  with pretrigger functionality.The SCOPE function uses existing sensors inside TopCon so that neither an external oscilloscope nor other external measuring equipment is necessary.
SCOPE pictures together with actual parameter data can easily be transmitted by email, enabling REGATRON customer support engineers to analyze and optimize system settings


Application Area Programming (AAP) functionality

The AAP functionality allows to use the TopCon Function Engine to work in the functional domain. Hence it allows to define functions of the format:  x  =  func( y)    with x,y  being voltage, current or power resp. This enables the user to do first tests with the TopCon power supply behaving like a solar array  (SASimulation).

AAP Firmware

The TopCon Quadro power supply contains a controllerboard containing 3 Digital Signal Processors. 

  • Main DSP:  for all controller work and administration of the other two DSPs. This is the "brain" of the TopCon power supply
  • Peripheral DSP (PDSP): this controller is responsable for accessing interfaces and all extensions
  • Modulator DSP (MDSP): this controller serves as the PWM engine. It has direct influence on the 

Current version:

Updates need a so called  update-gridfile that helps to upgrade the firmware from the version currently existing in the TopCon to the version wanted.

Please refer to for further information.


When to update the firmware?

  • Main DSP:  As long as you do not need further features of the TopCon device, you can simply stay with the firmware that you have. Nevertheless check from time to time for important patches of the software.
  • PDSP and MDSP:  There are hardly any cases when this firmware needs to be updated.


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