Bidirectional Q14 regenerative units

TopCon regenerative bidirectional high-power DC supplies

Source and sink in one system - a look at the TopCon technologies

REGATRON regenerative systems allow for the outermost freedom in system design due to separate feeding and regenerative system parts. By this, even big differences in terms of power may be realized, e.g. 128 kW DC of feeding power ( 4 pcs. of TopCon 32 kW ) combined with 64 kW of regenerative power. The ‘single authority control’ structure embedded in TopCon firmware avoids any dead band problems during polarity change of current.
REGATRON regenerative systems have proven robust and reliable operation even in hardest industrial application fields.

Bidirectional power supply systems with feedback of energy into mains

  • Cyclic charge and discharge of energy storage devices, ULTRACAPS, storage networks
  • Test operation of vehicle drives, converter drives, rail drives
  • Simulation of highly dynamic drive cycles in motor vehicle technology
  • Development and testing of hybrid and alternative drives for vehicles
  • Substitution of batteries and accumulators
  • Substitution of fuel cell stacks and their characteristic curves
  • Development and testing of solar energy components like charge controller and inverter
  • Reactive loads, general high power bidirectional laboratory use
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Modern semiconductor technology enables primary switched power supplies to achieve power levels which in the past were reserved to heavy and slow controlled rectifiers. The benefits of switchmode technology are convincing:

  • Compact construction
  • Light weight
  • High dynamics
  • Extended functionality

TopCon primary switched power supplies combined with a separate grid-tie feedback circuitry form an ideal system for bidirectional source/sink operations. Compared to traditional 50 Hz techniques, the system only takes a fractional part of mass and volume. The new controller strategy "Single Authority Control" reliably avoids instabilities in the low current range and at polarity reversal. Optimized control of the inverter and effective filter technology provide a high quality of the current sent back to the utility grid.

Applications of bidirectional power supplies

Typical application examples

Bidirectional power supplies are ideal for all applications where considerable generatoric energies originate from the load or where highly dynamic switching between source and sink operation is required.


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