TopCon RESACT: Bidirectional DC supplies with electronic load

Quite a number of processes in laboratory and ATE applications require special DC supplies which can both feed and absorb energy.

TopCon RESACT ist the suggested solution if control speed and only moderate energies are key characteristics of a system. RESACT systems are specially designed to handle high pulse power, while the average regenerative power level does not justify a full grid-tie system. The high dynamic response of modern electronic loads (OEM) allow for fast system responses.

Bidirectional DC supplies with electronic load

  • TopCon RESACT system
  • Controller strategy "Single Authority Control"
  • Fully integrated control and regulation software, function generator
  • Mixed driving and braking drive cycles
  • Accumulator technics, defined load cycles in charge and discharge mode

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An ideal current source is capable of feeding active energy and of absorbing regenerative energy at a given polarity of voltage. In the typical quadrant figure this takes place in the quadrants 1 and 4:The TopCon RESACT system

Figure 2: RESACT - system with
64 kW source and 22.5 kW sink
power ready to be shipped

Figure 2 shows a TopCon RESACT system in the medium power segment. On the right you can see a rack containing two TopCon DC power supply units. The two units operate in parallel master-slave-operation and provide permanent power of up to 64 kW. The TopCon master  unit comprises the complete system control and monitoring software ("Single Authority Control"). Both the feeding and the regenerative units of the system are centrally managed in order to avoid the well-known dead band instabilities. On the left an electronic load with 22.5 kW permanent power is shown.

Operation, control and visualization of the complete system are centrally and uniformly performed through the user interface of the TopCon master unit.

The fully integrated control and regulation software contains a remarkably versatile bipolar function generator which can control voltage, current and power in addition to the basic functions.
Not only basic wave forms but also specific and arbitrary curves can be defined, stored and recalled. In addition to time-dependent functions also parametric programming is possible:

Instead of the time axis a so-called input variable Uin, Iin or Pin can be selected. The user is now able to define a transfer function for the other two quantities. By this e.g. the actual
value of the process current Iin defines the set value for the output voltage and so on .... Again, the functional dependence of the two quantities is freely to be defined by the user’s functional curve ( value table ). The simulation of an internal resistance is a basic functionality.


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