Bidirectional Q14 TopCon TC.GSS

Have been there before too?

You are working with a bidirectional DC load, such as an automotive traction inverter, a DC drive, a power storage system, with batteries, Ultracaps and, and…

Up to now, this job has been done mostly by a combined system of a DC supply with an electronic load or a remarkably complex Generatoric/ReGeneratoric system.
Who’d have thunk that it could be possible to have a full bidirectional power supply some day – compact, simple to use, modular and expandable?

Going strong ….

gss_systemschrank_kleinREGATRON announces a brand new series of integrated current-bidirectional power sources TopCon TC.GSS. This series combines the excellent technical data of well-known TopCon DC power supplies with modern grid-tie inverter technology in order to handle both current flows from and towards the load.

The modular TopCon concept is maintained:
Base units of 400 V, 500 V and 600 V are available at a permanent power level of 32 kW DC. By simple parallel and/or serial connection voltages up to 1500 VDC and system power as multiples of 32 kW are available with an absolute minimum of external wiring.

TopCon TC.GSS - A system, which will grow in accordance with your application, which will adapt to modified requirements – and will even allow for removal of single units for other temporal tasks.

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