Unidirectional Q1 DC Source

Up-scaling of TopCon power systems


The digital architecture of the TopCon power supply system scales up into the MegaWatt range in a compelling way. The picture shows a 756kW Q1 power system, consisting of 6 racks with 4x32kW TopCon devices each. All devices are controlled by the so-called Master Array Controller (MAC) .But if you have a number of smaller power supply tasks to be fulfilled, you can extract as many single devices as needed from the system and use them for example as stand-alone devices. This is a simple process, lasting only a couple of minutes. Extending this system with e.g. another 256kW is as simple as adding two further racks to the system and do the necessary wiring and reconfiguration.


Another strength is the adaptation to special customer needs.  The pictures below show a mobile Q1 system, assembled into a flight case for use in the automotive industry (e.g. racing).

The cabinet was designed to include enough free space for the special cables to be stored in. This supports the easy arrangement of frequent travels.

Hence, your TopCon system adapts to your needs! 

mobile_q1_system_in_flightcase mobile_q1_system_in_flightcase_rear

Further information for TC.MAC is available at the Regatron TopCon technical support (tc.support@regatron.ch).

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