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General Overview

The development of programmable power supplies with high dynamics allows for new applications in process engineering, testing and laboratory use.

Efficient solutions can be realized with today's compact and market-proven primary switched power supplies where up to now voluminous rotating machines or current rectifiers with the well know problems of high ripple, low dynamics and high cost had to be used.

The primary switched compact power supplies from Regatron provide excellent dynamics of output voltage, -current, -power and internal resistance simulation. This is the result of the uncompromised use of digital signal processors in an optimized multi-processor architecture and of a full digital controller structure. Typical system response times with ohmic loads are under 1 ms, with mixed ohmic / inductive loads around 1 to 2 ms.

Power supplies from Regatron are successfully used for:

  • Simulation and substitution of real DC sources like
    • Batteries
    • Solar panels
    • Fuel cell stacks
  • Supply of
    • Burn-in and test systems
    • Plasma loads e.g. surface technology
    • Radar modulators (klystron, magnetron)
    • Highly dynamic DC applications
    • Pulse laser
    • Demagnetizing and degaussing systems

TopCon Quadro 32 kW unit

TopCon Quadro 32 kW unit

Base Functionality

The TopCon Quadro power supply series offers full output control (0...100 %) of voltage, current and power as well as an adjustable internal resistance simulation.

In order to compensate the voltage drop on the line from the power supply to the load, a sense line can be connected. All models are equipped with a remote sense terminal as standard.

Finely graduated range

The models cover the voltage range from 0...52 VDC up to 0...1200 VDC with finely graduated nominal output voltages. Power categories of 10, 16, 20 and 32 kW are available for each nominal output voltage.

Modular concept for easy power increase or series connection

The output power of TopCon power supplies can be increased very easily: Power supply units with identical nominal output voltage and power can be operated in multi unit master/slave operation. Parallel and series operation (up to 8 units) as well as matrix and multi load operation (up to 64 units) are available. Each unit in its basic design can be used as master or slave as desired by the user! In multi unit operation, only the master unit must be activated by the superposed control structure.


Advantages of the full digital Controller StructureTopCon Quadro 16 kW unit

All the regulation, monitoring and communication tasks are carried out by high-performance digital signal processors. The full digital regulation system delivers high accuracy, reproducibility and long-term stability, allows for load specific controller parameterization and enables programming of linear ramp functions related to "voltage-on" and set value steps. Explanation: "Soft calibration": Calibration and adjustment of the power supply unit by means of the PC software TopControl.

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