ESSControl / CapSim simulates the behaviour and the properties of a real capacitor.

General Overview


Capacitive storage of electrical energy has gained increasing attention as today several types of very high capacity elements are on the market. Even though the so called ‘Supercaps’ named EDLC do not dispose of the storage power density of newest battery systems yet, they have some interesting qualities like very low internal resistance and leakage and virtually no restrictions of charge/discharge cycles.

Mostly in the field of Electro Mobility, EDLC’s are used to deliver high currents (start and acceleration) or to take up high currents (braking, deceleration). Similar to a Battery Simulation, EDLC Simulation allows emulating real EDLC arrays by REGATRON high quality bidirectional DC power supplies together with the Application Software CAPSim. Again, all time-critical computations run on-board the DC power supply in real-time, while the management and visualisation of process data is realized by a PC part. CAPSim features:

  • Calculation of the stationary DC voltage according to the real charge/discharge current
  • Consideration of voltage drop across the internal resistance
  • Determination of ‘volatile terms voltages’ derived from the dI/dt of load current
  • Calculation of the influence of internal leakage resistance

Note: Max. charge/discharge currents are finally determined by the limits of the used TC.GSS

CAPSim at a glance

  • CapSim is a Firmware resident on-board of each REGATRON bidirectional DC power supply
    and runs under control of ESSControl Shell on your PC.
  • CapSim simulates the behaviour of a real EDLC capacitor (2-pole characteristic)
  • CAPSim together with a REGATRON bidirectional DC power supply represent the given
    capacitor accurately in terms of voltage, charge/discharge currents and power losses
  • Full integration with Regatron TopCon device series: TC.GSS, TC.GXS, TC.GSX, TC.DSS
  • Adaption to different EDLC types by model parameterisation
  • CapSim model parameters are changeable in the GUI (PC) or in simulation scripts:
    • Charge/ discharge current value
    • State of Charge (SOC)
    • Number of capacitor cells in series and parallel
  • Adaptation and controlling of the individual configured capacitor simulation model by simple and powerful scripting language.
  • Multi-channel data-logger with EventMarker and file export in file type: csv
  • Reporting and output-to-file capabilities within the scripting language during process
  • Data analysis (e.g. comparison) of different measurements in the time line via a data analyser component.

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