The PC software SASControl simulates the characteristic solar array curves of a solar panel and their dependence on weather.

General Overview


REGATRON SASControl is an Application Software specially designed for the simulation of PV arrays. SASControl together with one of REGATRON’s DC power supplies or multi-unit DC power systems realize a very comfortable Solar Array Simulation System. It is particularly adapted to the needs of R+D as also testing of solar inverters and allows even running procedures in accordance to international regulations. Core of SASControl is a versatile script programming system that gives the user the possibility to easily implement own programming sequences with one or more TopCon power supplies and to measure and protocol the resulting data.

With the ‘Live Viewer’ tab the operator is up to date at any time upon the progress of a simulation. All values and the graphic sketch of the position of MPP are steadily refreshed.
The ‘data collection’ tab is a multi-channel long-term data logger with enhanced graphical features allowing any process variable to be logged and visualized.

SASControl is able to generate accurate PV array curves dependent upon the cell type (mono crystalline or silicon type) or by entering table date; even the definition of an envisaged MPP leads to an accurate curve definition.

Likewise a script to run a "course of a day" simulation (COADS) is also provided: the script reads a set of irradiance data from a file and simulates this dataset once or repeatedly.


  • SASControl plus a TopCon DC power supply form a system able to simulate a PV array output and its relations between current, voltage and power.
  • The behaviour of a PV inverter can be tested under accurate conditions. By expanding the DC power, simulations up to 2.5 MW are possible
  • Full integration with Regatron TopCon device series: TC.P, TC.GSS, TC.GSX and TC.P.LIN
  • Remote connection via PC interfaces, e.g. RS-232 or USB
  • Simulation of characteristic curves according to EN50530 standard
    • Parameter based
    • Including the theoretical MPP value
  • Manipulation of irradiance, temperature, amplitude or input scaling with special script commands.
  • Indication of warning and error states, including error history and error handling.

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