TFE Time-Based Function Engine

This powerful tool allows for entering, saving and recalling of complex test sequences.
Base functions like SINE, TRIANGLE, RECTANGLE can be directly called.

General Overview

TFE Time-Based Function Engine

The Time-Based Function Engine TFE is a powerful function creator working in the time domain able to generate nearly each voltage/current/power-to-time function. TFE runs as a firmware in real-time on board of each REGATRON DC power supply. Programming and setup of TFE functionality is done by TopControl Software – the versatile Application and Service Tool coming with each DC power supply.

This powerful tool allows for entering, saving and recalling of complex test sequences. Base functions like SINE, TRIANGLE, RECTANGLE can be directly called. Furthermore user defined curves with up to 1000 points and linear interpolation can be entered and stored. Amplitude, frequency, offset and symmetry can be combined in a simple way. Even negative amplitude values are possible in combination with the AC low frequency switching bridge TopCon ACLF or electronic loads.

A further useful feature is the envelope modulation, e.g. exponential damping of the amplitude can be programmed with a wide variety of time constants. Sequences can be run continuously or for a determined number of times with programmable waiting time between the sequences (burst function).

TFE can be used as set value source for voltage-, current- and power-control. A high resolution of 12 bit and a base interval of 50 µs allow for successful running of even highly accurate laboratory applications. User-defined function sequences can be saved in the memory of TopCon and may be recalled at any time. Exporting, importing and even off-line data processing is possible with a text editor.

This multifunction tool allows for the successful use of TopCon programmable DC supplies even in complex structures like demagnetising systems, measuring and test equipment, drive and cycle programs, environmental simulations. Furthermore the function generator is a perfect tool for generating test patterns for system optimization.

Application Area Programming (AAP)

An absolutely outstanding second feature of Time-Based TFE is called Application Area Programming AAP. This feature allows the definition of a functional interdependency of DC output quantities like current, voltage or power compared to another process variable. Function is given by a user-defined slope or a table of value pairs. By this, TopCon power supply behaves like a two pole network with defined characteristics. As mentioned under TFE heading, AAP is refreshed also every 50 µs, ensuring a fast response to any parameter variation. Relevant example: Voltage dependent output current of a PV-panel.

TFE at a glance

  • Program arbitrary shapes in the time domain and link these either to output voltage, output current, output power
  • Use the exceptional wide time range from hours down to ms
  • Store, edit and recall your shapes at any time
  • Activate the envelope modulation for the creation of damped oscillations
  • Preview your programming in a Preview Window
  • Make your power supply simulating a complex two-pole source in the function domain:
    Define a transfer function or a two-element table and assign the entry to one process variable; assign a second variable as interdependent variable.
    Your power supply will now behave as given by the programmed transfer function
    Prominent example: Voltage-dependent internal resistance of a battery

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