Custom Power Supplies

Custom Designed Programmable Power.

Large world-wide installed base of custom designed power supplies like e.g. plasma sources or ruggedized battery chargers !

General Overview

Custom Power Supplies

OEM Power Supplies 300 W up to 120 kW

Along with TopCon family products, REGATRON has developed an impressive line of OEM and customer power supplies covering the following fields of application:

  • Thermal Spraying (120 kW)
  • Fast Pulse Plasma Driver Modules
  • Military Battery Maintenance Systems
  • High Voltage Generator for Isolation Fault Locator
  • Battery Charging (4 kW)
  • Fixed Voltage DC Supply (6 kW)
  • PV Sim for Satellites (3 kW)
  • Ruggedized DC Supplies (300 W)

Regatron develops most parts of the technology on its own. This allows for optimized custom-tailored solution.

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