TC.ACS Series

Versatile synthesized 3-phase grid simulator with 4 fully controlled active outputs.

TC.ACS Series

Full 4-Quadrant 1 to 3-phase power amplifier with outstanding qualities.

TC.ACS Series

Programmable regenerative RLC-load mode to substitute real and bulky resistors, inductors and capacitors.

TC.ACS Series

Regenerative full four quadrant
AC power source.

The most attractive all-rounder !

Series Overview

TC.ACS Series

TC.ACS is a series of full digital, full 4 quadrant 3-phase AC power sources with exceptional programming features. Each TC.ACS unit represents a three-in-one configuration:

  • Versatile synthesized 3-phase grid simulator with 4 fully controlled active outputs. Operation mode setting per comprehensive software tools. Note the fully active N-connection available at the Simulator Port.
  • Built-in full 4-Quadrant 1 to 3-phase power amplifier with outstanding qualities, 3 independent and galvanic isolated amplifier inputs, especially suited for high bandwidth HIL applications within the power laboratory, assisted by an external RT processor.
  • Programmable RLC-load mode (electronic AC load with grid recuperation) to substitute real and bulky resistors, inductors and capacitors. Reactive power is recuperated into the 3-phase grid with maximum efficiency.

The multi-level inverter technology common with a remarkable high switching frequency opens up a wide base frequency range from DC up to 1000Hz and an exceptionally high modulation bandwidth of 5 kHz. Therefore, harmonic distortion up to the 100th harmonic @ 50 Hz or the 83th harmonic @ 60Hz can be exactly reproduced, assisted by a comfortable Fourier tool. Of course, the system can easily and comprehensively be adapted to the various tasks to be carried out within the fields of R+D, laboratory, end-of-line testing and education.


By means of the application software ACSControl and various software options, the user is enabled to program the following parameters:

  • Variation of basic system voltages and frequency
  • Settings of phase relationship
  • Voltage drops in the whole network or individual drops per phase
  • Micro ruptures and flickers
  • Over- and under voltages
  • Voltage asymmetries
  • Superimposed harmonic and interharmonic voltage waveforms
  • Variation of phase angles
  • Special conditions for EMC testing
  • Transition from feeding to recuperation operation and vice versa
  • Analyses of energy flow


The modular structure based on 30 kVA or 50 kVA units allows for a flexible adaptation to the customer's power requirements. By simply connecting basic units in a parallel mode, systems of up to 2000+ kVA can be set up. The hardware is operating in all 4 quadrants and is able to fully refeed into the power system. Apart from testing power feedback units, the system also enables the operation of linear and nonlinear feeding systems for measuring and evaluation purposes. An operation in single phase mode is also possible down to DC mode.

User Software ACSControl

The tailor made software tool ACSControl enables the operator either to manually operate the system or to program and run automated test sequences and to use the functionality of data acquisition of the system. Moreover the software offers some screens for parameterising, sequencing, visualising of the current system data and test results as well as for recording and documentation of test results. ACSControl allows also for switching over between the 'Simulator Mode' and the 'Amplifier mode' of the system.

The User's Advantages

  • Compact and completely modular design
  • High effectivity in all operation modes
  • Ability to use an existing liquid cooling system directly
  • Optional matched liquid-to-air cooling unit TC.LAE available
  • Possibility of upgrading to systems of up to 2000+ kVA
  • High level of system dynamics, ≤ 5 kHz modulation bandwidth
  • Non-restrictive capability of refeeding in the Q4 operation mode
  • Possibility of operating as an autonomous 4-Q and 3-phase quasi-analogue amplifier
  • Possibility of “Hardware-in-the loop”-operation (HIL mode)
  • User friendly application software with pre-configured test patterns
  • Possibility of integrating into a complete SAS simulation and test system
  • Galvanic isolation available as an option without derating the simulator port data
  • Three different operation modes:
    a) Programmable Grid Simulator
    b) Remote operated 4Q AC voltage amplifier
    c) Electronic AC-load featuring programmable RLC load impedance

TC.ACS Grid Simulators made by Regatron AG can be operated as a self-contained system for comprehensive testing of solar and additive energy inverters as an example. In the field of power test and development labs the high degree of programmability allows establishing all imaginable grid situations and evaluation procedures. TC.ACS is representing therefore an ideal tool for all R + D and simulation work.

Voltage- / Power- / Current-Range

Technical Datasheets

Options and Accessories

Option Code Short description of option / accessory Products
Multi-Unit Operation
ACSCommcable Connecting Cables for Multi-Unit Operation; specify length 2m, 5m, 10m
Control Interfaces
TC.ACS.DIG8IOST Digital I/O Interface for TC.ACS PDF (465KB)
X609 Adapter M12 circular connector to 4x BNC (Analogue out) and 8x screw terminals (Analogue in / supply); includes data cable and box X609 Adapter
TC.ACSUSense Senseboard TC.ACS PDF (465KB)
Application Software
GridSim Grid Simulation Software (for Development and Process Automation)
RLC-Load Mode AC Load Simulation
Current Control Mode Additional current controlled mode for ACS
Environmental Conditions
TC.LAE.5.230 / TC.LAE.5.400 "Liquid => Air" Heat Exchanger Unit, 19-Inch Rack-Mount, 4HU; 5kW cooling capacity, supply voltage 100-240VAC (TC.LAE.5.230) and 380-480VAC (TC.LAE.5.400) wide range TC.LAE.5.230 / TC.LAE.5.400 PDF (259KB)
Output Range Modifications
NSOV AC Non-Standard AC Voltage; contact factory for feasibility
NSOC AC Non-Standard AC Current; contact factory for feasibility
Input Range Modifications
NSIV Non-Standard AC Voltage; contact factory for feasibility
TC.ADI Filter, AC Decoupling Inductors, 19-Inch Rack-Mount Unit, 4HU
Calib.Protocol Calibration Protocol
Warranty +1J Warranty extension +1 year
Warranty +2J Warranty extension +2 years

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USB Driver

USB Interface Driver for Windows (7,8,8.1,10)

ZIP (3.53MB)
Programming Interfaces

.NET Programming API, true object-oriented high-level access to TC.ACS devices. Windows only (incl. documentation).
Please refer to TopCon Support for assistance.


TopCon LabVIEW drivers and examples for TC.ACS Series. Please refer to TopCon Support for assistance.

Options and Accessories
TC.LAE.5.230 / TC.LAE.5.400

TC.LAE Liquid to air heat exchanger datasheet

PDF (259KB)

I/O Interface for TC.ACS

PDF (465KB)

Senseboard TC.ACS

PDF (465KB)
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Professional article "Breakthrough in Test Procedures for Islanding Detection - New methods for Anti-Islanding Tests for Grid-tied Power Generator Equipment" in the August issue of the power electronics news magazine "Bodo's Power Systems"

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