TC.P.LIN Series

Special function PV Simulator.

Topology with special function blocks for high performance solar simulation in terrestrial and satellite ground test equipment !

Series Overview

TC.P.LIN Series

The TC.P.LIN.SR device is intended to simulate the behaviour of low to medium power solar cells in terms of very fast electrical response time and accurate reproduction of the solar I=f(U) curve. The main application field is formed by testing highly specialized airborne/spacecraft equipment.

By a complex electronic topology, the challenging requirements could be met. The unit is capable to respond correctly to the time dependent fluctuation of a self-spinning satellite body as also to the demanding high frequency PWM modulation of the onboard satellite voltage controllers.


  • Constant voltage (0 – 100 %), constant current (0 – 100 %) and constant power operation (5 – 100 %) with automatic and fast controller crossover and mode indication. 
  • Primary switched. Galvanically isolated. Full digital control and regulation.
  • Topology with special function blocks for high performance solar simulation in terrestrial and satellite ground Test Equipment like Special Check Out Equipment (SCOE) and also for spacecraft Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE).
  • Low power losses, high efficiency in all operation modes, especially also in LIN-mode and S3R-mode.
  • ‘TopControl’ installation file, LabVIEW® and C/C++ API (DLL file) are included in the scope of delivery.
  • Wide range of communication interfaces like Ethernet, LXI, CAN/CANOpen, GPIB/IEE488, USB
  • CE conformity
  • Swiss made: Developed, manufactured and tested in Switzerland by Regatron AG.


Technical Datasheets

Options and Accessories

Option Code Short description of option / accessory Products
Operating Units
HMI Front Panel Integrated Control Unit HMI
RCU.RM 19-Inch Rack-Mount Remote Control Unit includes CANCable, specify length 2m, 5m, 10m, max. 40m RCU.RM
RCU.RM.2CH 19-Inch Rack-Mount Remote Control Unit with Emergency Stop Button (2-Channel) includes CANCable, specify length 2m, 5m, 10m, max. 40m RCU.RM.2CH
RCU.DT.1CH Desk-Top Remote Control Unit with Stop Switch (1-Channel); with cable length 2m, 5m, 10m, max. 40m RCU.DT.1CH
Multi-Unit Operation
CANCable Connecting Cable for Multi-Unit Operation, connects also bus participants like RCU, TC.LIN; Length 2m, 5m, 10m
Control Interfaces
LXI Rear Panel Integrated LXI Interface; includes RS232REAR; standard RS-232 on front panel not usable LXI
Application Software
TFEAAPControl Function Generating Engine, Time-based and Parametric Programming PDF (855KB)
TFEtoSAS Upgrade from TFEAAPControl to SASControl
SASControl Solar Array Simulation Software (for Development and Process Automation); includes TFEAAPControl PDF (656KB)
User Safety
ISR Integrated Safety Relay for Increased Emergency Stop Reliability ISR PDF (467KB)
Output Range Modifications
NSOV Non-Standard DC Voltage; contact factory for feasibility
NSOC Non-Standard DC Current; contact factory for feasibility
Input Range Modifications
NSIV Non-Standard AC Voltage; contact factory for feasibility
Calib.Protocol Calibration Protocol
Warranty +1J Warranty extension +1 year
Warranty +2J Warranty extension +2 years

Related Documents and Files

Name Explanation Type/size
TopControl Software

Operating, service and diagnostic-Software for TopCon power supplies
Release Notes

ZIP (37.27MB)
TopControl Software Information

TopControl Software Information Sheet. PC-Software for operation and service of TopCon device series

PDF (855KB)
SASControl Software Information

SASControl Software Information Sheet. Solar Array Simulation – PC-Software for PV-Simulation

PDF (656KB)
REGATRON Product Overview

DC and AC Power Sources, Programmable and Modular

PDF (215KB)
Application Portfolio

Application Portfolio Regatron Division Programmable Power Supplies

PDF (1.49MB)
PV Simulation Brochure

Your access to the PV simulation

PDF (810KB)
Error List

Error List for TopCon devices, HMI, TC.RCU and Software TopControl

PDF (1,018KB)
Application Success Story Versatility

Universal Technical Laboratory Equipment Needed? Versatile Solution provided by Regatron AG

PDF (749KB)
USB Driver

USB Interface Driver for Windows (7,8,8.1,10)

ZIP (3.53MB)

ETHERNET Interface Driver Interface for Windows (7,8,8.1,10)

ZIP (2.35MB)
ETHERNET-Driver Manual

ETHERNET-Driver Interface Installation Manual

PDF (941KB)
Programming Interfaces
Firmware versions

Please refer to TopCon Support for assistance. Please attach a screenshot of the "Device Info" tab of TopControl.

Firmware versions
Programming Overview

Manual and software-based control of TopCon devices - Introduction and General Overview

PDF (307KB)
Low-Level Protocol

Description of the Low-Level protocol, which is the basic protocol to communicate | TC.P and TC.GSS Series

PDF (2.07MB)

TopCon Input-Output library with ANSI C interface. Windows & Linux (incl. documentation) | TC.P and TC.GSS Series

ZIP (7.58MB)
TopCon API

.NET Programming API, true object-oriented high-level access. Windows only (incl. documentation) | TC.P and TC.GSS Series

ZIP (30.10MB)
LabVIEW for TC.P and TC.GSS

TopCon LabVIEW files and examples | TC.P and TC.GSS Series

ZIP (11.39MB)
LabVIEW for SASControl

TopCon LabVIEW files and examples for SASControl | TC.P and TC.GSS Series

ZIP (863KB)
LabView for GPIB

TopCon LabVIEW GPIB files and examples | TC.P and TC.GSS Series

ZIP (730KB)
Controller Parameter

Background information and "how to" tune the parameterization of the TopCon Quadro /TC.Gxx Series controllers.

PDF (2.68MB)
Options and Accessories

CANOPEN Interface Manual - The option TC.CANOPEN enables the TopCon Quadro power supply to be programmed by a controller over CAN bus. The CANopen protocol allows the integration of the TopCon power supply into an existing CANopen network.

PDF (1.23MB)

TC.RS422 Interface Option Manual - Diagnostics and control connection

PDF (250KB)

GPIB / IEEE488.2 / SCPI Interface Manual

PDF (971KB)

Supplement to the Manual. Protection against accidental contact of output current bars. 9U Units

PDF (655KB)
ISR X107

Integral Safety Relay ISR - X107

PDF (444KB)
ISR X112/ X112-2

Integral Safety Relay ISR - X112; Option X112/ X112-2 (dual channel)

PDF (467KB)