Battery Simulators

General Overview

With the fast growing demand for electrical storage systems not only triggered by the solar energy boom but also by e-mobility, the need for simulation of battery systems has become highly prominent. Battery Simulators allow the engineer to do his R+D work and various tests repeatably, energy-conscious and much faster than by using real battery stacks. Even extreme situations as for example operation under arctic temperatures or with high cyclic rates may be played through easily by a suitable software.

REGATRON Battery Simulators are made up of a bidirectional REGATRON DC power supply equipped with the powerful Application Software BatSim. This software is resident on-board the DC power supply respective on-board the master unit of a bigger system and is handled by a PC shell software. The fast BatSim process is running in real-time perfectly matched to the internal timing of the DC power supply. By this, an optimum computing rate can be reached leading to a nearly one-to-one time behaviour even in the case of steep changes in charge/discharge current.

The features at a glance

  • Full integration within TopCon power supply series: TC.GSS, TC.DSS, ResAct series and TC.P (discharging only)
  • Implementation of a versatile and comprehensive battery model as a computing base
  • Selection of most common battery models: 
    • Li-Ion
    • Lead-Acid
    • NiMH, NiCd
    • Further technologies on request, e.g. ‚BatSim+‘: Detailed Cell Chemism model developed by Fraunhofer FHG
  • BatSim model parameters are changeable within the GUI or by simulation script language
    • Nominal battery capacity and current
    • Number of battery cells in series and/or parallel
    • Programmable simulation cut-off limits
    • Influence of battery temperature (currently under development)
  • Multi-channel data-logger with EventMarkers as time stamps, file export in .csv file type
  • Record-to-file capabilities freely configurable by scripting language
  • Multi-trace Data analysis (e.g. comparison) of different measurements over the same time axis by a DataAnalyser


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DC power supplies for Battery Simulators



TC.P. Series DC power supply














ResAct Bidirectional
DC Power Supply

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TC.P. Series DC power supply


TopCon High power DC systems
64 kW up to several MW
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Battery Simulator Accessories

RPP Option

Optional hardware for Reverse Polarity Protection.
Prevents switch-on of the DC power supply if an external battery is being connected with wrong polarity.

Furthermore, if a battery is connected to the DC power supply, RPP starts a “pre-charge sequence” in order to bring the power supply to the same voltage as the battery. This prevents very high inrush currents from flowing from the battery back to the power supply output stage.