3-in-1 Instrument

- Battery Simulator
- Source/Sink DC Power Supply
- Integrated Data Logger

Regenerative Battery Simulators from REGATRON

An Unrivaled Combination of Excellent Features

Key Features

  • Ranging from 20 kW to 2000+ kW, up to 2000 VDC
  • Modular, efficient, programmable, bidirectional and regenerative
  • Parallel-, series- and even mixed parallel-series operation is possible thanks to the modularity and the fast digital system communication.

Highly Dynamic Hardware

  • Finely graduated voltage-/power levels
  • Easy reconfigurable and expandable by the user on site. Advantage: Wide coverage of voltage and power.
  • Each power supply unit may also be operated 'stand-alone' as it contains full operational embedded software.
  • 2-channel safety interface and other user safety options
  • Reverse polarity protection, a great gain in safety when working with electrical storage elements
  • Wide range AC input voltage
  • Turn-key cabinet solutions

Powerful Integrated Application Software

  • Selection of most common battery types such as Li-Ion, Lead-Acid, NiMH, NiCd
  • Implementation of a versatile and comprehensive basic battery model offering ultimate tuning options
  • Automated tests, efficient multi-channel data logging with event markers, reporting
  • Integrated 8-channel scope for analysis
  • Changeable parameters such as nominal battery capacity and internal resistance, number of battery cells in series and/or parallel, programmable simulation cut-off limits, influence of battery temperature (currently under development)
  • The time-critical parts of the software are running on-board in real-time, perfectly synchronized to the internal timing of the DC power supply. Advantage: A close to 1:1 time behaviour even in case of steep changes in charge / discharge current.
  • Multi-trace data analysis (e.g. comparison) of different measurements over the same time axis by a data analyser
  • Further cell chemism models on request
  • Also available as API


  • Precisely engineered solutions, widely recognized for high quality and reliability
  • Qualified and timely customer support - worldwide!
  • 3 years warranty, extended warranty available

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Examples of Covered Applications
Simulation / Emulation / Testing / Cycling of: Electrical energy storage devices ∙ Batteries ∙ Supercaps ∙ EDLCs ∙ Capacitors ∙ On-board electrical systems ∙ Powertrains ∙ Electrical drives ∙ Electric driveline components ∙ Hybrid transmissions ∙ Electric vehicles (EV) ∙ Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) ∙ Micro / mild / full hybrid systems ∙ Airborne DC systems ∙ Scientific and educational applications ∙ Test lab applications in the automotive, marine, stationary power and aviation industry.

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