Grid Simulators & Systems

General Overview

REGATRON’s  3-in-1 full 4-Quadrant, Regenerative, Bidirectional Source & Sink Grid Simulators (Grid Simulator, Power Amplifier and AC load)‎ of the series TC.ACS are of a precisely engineered, high quality, modular design.

The latest multi-level inverter technology for high-resolution voltage / current patterns, allows the Simulator  to cover the entire fundamental frequency range from DC up to 1000 Hz and up to 5000 Hz modulation bandwidth. A specialized multi-processor core prepares all relevant voltage / current shapes in real-time to ensure a very stable phase relationship and event timing throughout. A specialized multi-processor prepares all relevant voltage/current shapes in real-time to ensure a very stable phase relationship and event timing.

The excellent designed, highly engineered TC.ACS Grid Simulator is supported by the Application software ACSControl and by the GRIDSim software, covering all imaginable applications. Even automated test runs, or predefined grid patterns can be generated with only a few clicks.

Exceptional Feature (Examples)

  • Setting of operational parameters for each output phase: (frequency, phase, voltage, basic waveform)
  • Defining functional blocks enabling a wide variety of modulation capabilities
  • Defining, editing and storing of even complex and long test sequences
  • Preview window for output voltage waveforms
  • LC load mode, definition of complex equivalent circuits
  • Hand drawing curve tool and FOURIER tool (harmonics synthesis)
  • TC.ACS provides an extensive safety concept in order to detect unwanted or off-limit conditions very quickly and to initiate controlled limiting or even a shutdown.

REGATRON TC.ACS High Power Grid Simulator Systems

Based on highly specialized synchronizing techniques, base units (30kVA or 50kVA modules) can be paralleled very easy to a maximum system power of 1 MVA. Please note that each 30kVA or 50kVA module is fully independent and contains all necessary firmware to act as single unit or as Master or Slave unit in a multi-unit system.


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