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General Overview

Solar Array Simulation SAS – still irreplaceable for in-deep testing of Solar Inverters as also for all solar R+D work, is one of the key products within REGATRON’s portfolio.
There are three main reasons for the long-lasting success of REGATRON SAS-systems:

  • Precise and fast Solar Array Curve computation thanks to the ingenious multi-processor architecture onboard of all REGATRON DC power supplies
  • The scalable system power, ranging from 16 kW up to several MW DC power, separable and adaptable at any time
  • The famous SAS Application Software SASControl, which covers all the needs of the ambitious engineer

Due to the real-time capability of REGATRON DC power supplies, all time-critical computing of the given Solar current vs. voltage curve is done completely onboard, without any data transfer and related delays. Even the smallest REGATRON DC power unit disposes of the full SAS functionality.  In the case of multi-unit systems, computing is done exclusively once onboard the master unit and the results are distributed via the proprietary fast CAN bus or the ultra-fast TC.MAC bus to the slave units. By this, even MW systems dispose of an unbeatable fast dynamic behaviour.

The Application Software SASControl is an indispensable tool for the engineer, facilitating not only the parameterizing of the Solar Array to be simulated but offers lots of additional features: Online data display of the ongoing process, edit and save processes, online data logger, script programming, preconfigured test patterns and on.

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DC power supplies for SAS Applications






TC.P. Series DC power supply






TC.GSX and TC.GSS Series
DC power supplies
32 kW up to several MW

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TC.P. Series DC power supply


TopCon High power DC systems
64 kW up to several MW
Turnkey solutions

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SAS System Accessories






TC.P. Series DC power supply







TC.P. Series DC power supply


High dynamic Solar Post Processor → more





SASControl Versatile SAS Simulation
Software Package → more



SAS Simulation under Space Conditions
Self Contained low-loss SAS Processor
including Satellite S3R mode → more