50 years REGATRON AG

REGATRON AG was founded on February 28, 1969 in Rorschach, Switzerland as a small but highly specialized technology company.

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Welcome to REGATRON

Solid engineering work, forward-thinking ideas and quality awareness made REGATRON a world-wide recognized manufacturer of programmable DC and AC power supplies.

Application in the Spotlight

Breakthrough in Test Procedures for
Islanding Detection !

Up to now test methods using passive tuned circuits require a considerable effort in terms of expensive components and work time. Thanks to a new development the TC.ACS series allows for simulating and hence eliminating lumped

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World-wide Distribution and
Customer Service

50 years of experience and know-how in programmable DC and AC power sources, power electronics and application software.

Welcome to the World of Programmable Power Supplies from REGATRON

REGATRON is a specialized engineering company with solid and comprehensive expertise in developing, manufacturing and sales of programmable power supplies. REGATRON’s continuous focus on power electronics has led to a well established and field-proven portfolio of programmable DC and AC power sources. All over the world, REGATRON power supplies are used in laboratories, test fields and production lines for simulation, testing, development and research purposes or in various process technologies as voltage / current sources. Following are examples of application fields where REGATRON power supplies are successfully used:

  • Electromobility, on-board electrical systems, drive trains
  • Laboratory DC and AC power applications
  • Energy storage, batteries, supercaps
  • Smart grid
  • Photovoltaics, fuel cells and other renewable energies
  • Plasma surface treatment
  • Battery charging
  • DC power applications in harsh environmental conditions
  • Fundamental, academic and applied research and testing

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