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Regatron and our Sales Partners participate in worldwide trade fairs and industry events. Listed below are the events currently scheduled.

At these shows you can expect to see products and meet people who can discuss with you about our range of Programmable DC power supplies, Bidirectional DC power supplies (DC source/sink systems), Bipolar power supplies, AC power sources / sink systems, Custom designed OEM power supplies, AC/DC power supplies, High Power DC sources, Linear post processing units and Turnkey solutions.

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 Sales Partner

 - 01.02.2018
 Schulz-Electronic GmbH

 AAB 2018
 Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

 Elcon Solutions OY
 Hundreds of stands present the latest solutions in the  industry.

 Schulz-Electronic GmbH
 25. DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK Entwickler- & Anwenderforum
 Batterien & Ladekonzepte
 Heiden power GmbH
 3. Anwenderforum Stromversorgung
 Power Sourcing
 Schulz-Electronic GmbH
 Testing Expo Automotive 2018 Europe
 Stand 1574 - Messe Stuttgart
 Schulz-Electronic GmbH
 PCIM 2018
 Leistungselektronik | Intelligente Antriebstechnik  Erneuerbare  Energie | Energiemanagement
 Heiden power GmbH
 Schulz-Electronic GmbH

 Sindex 2018

 Heiden power GmbH
 Electronica 2018
 The World's Leading Trade Fair for Electronic  Components,  Systems and Applications. The entire  electronics universe at a  single location.
 Schulz-Electronic GmbH

























Our solutions include: Programmable DC power supplies, bidirectional DC power supplies ( DC source / sink systems ), bipolar power supplies, AC power source/sink systems, custom designed OEM power supplies, AC/DC power supplies, high power DC sources, linear post processing units, rackmount turnkey solutions, rugged products.

Our product names are: TopCon Quadro (DC source TC.P), TC.GSS (grid-tie DC source sink), TC.ACS (grid simulator), TC.ACLF ( AC low frequency polarity inverter, following a DC source ), TC.LIN ( linear post processing unit, following a switch mode DC source ). Available standard software to support various applications: TopControl, TFE TopCon function engine, SASControl, BatControl, BatSim, GridSim, ACSControl, FuelCellSim, CapSim.

Keywords with regard to main applications: 

Simulation of: Batteries, solar arrays, photovoltaic modules, fuel cell stacks and grid for both development and production purposes. 
Testing of: Solar inverters, battery blocks and energy storage elements, bidirectional electronic power devices, electrical drive trains in vehicles, onboard- and DC power subsystems. 
Feeding power to: Electrolytic processes, plasma spray processes, coils, radar modulators, gas discharge lamps, magnetic sweeping processes, demagnetizing and degaussing systems. 
Battery test and maintenance, cyclic charge and discharge of energy storage devices, modulation for device testing, PV simulation for development and equipment testing.

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