Unidirectional Q4 DC Sink

General introduction

A Q4 system is an electric sink that consumes electricity. In general there exist two different versions: umicore-10018-q4_100923_049-02

  •  on the one hand electronic loads that consume electrical energy by transforming it into heat (hot air, hot water)
  • on the other hand recuperation systems(ReGen) that transform electrical energy back into electrical energy that is feeded back into the mains.

Typically Q4 systems are part of a bidirectional source and sink system, but there exists an increasing number of applications that demand for discharging functionality only.

Application example

The picture above shows a Q4 discharge system for a recycling company. It consists of a 50 kW / 125 A discharge unit to completely  discharge batteries (during the recycling process). Control is provided by the Regatron software.

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