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5 Oct 2012
Grid Simulator - full digital, full 4-quadrant, full regenerative operation



On the occasion of electronica 2012 in Munich REGATRON introduces the newly developed 4-Quadrant Grid Simulator TC.ACS. Along with the existing DC power supply series TopCon Quadro and TC.GSS REGATRON now offers a complete test and simulation environment for grid-tied inverters and systems.                          

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5 Oct 2012
Netzsimulator - voll digital, voll 4-Quadrant Betrieb, voll netzrückspeisefähig



Zur electronica 2012 in München stellt REGATRON den neu entwickelten 4-Quadrant Netz-simulator TC.ACS vor. Zusammen mit den bestehenden DC Netzgeräte-Serien TopCon Quadro und TC.GSS kann REGATRON jetzt eine komplette Prüf- und Simulationsumgebung für netzgekoppelte Inverter und Systeme anbieten. 

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6 Oct 2016



Simulatore AC digitale rigenerativo per test elettrici.



Dopo quattro anni dal lancio del primo TC.ACS da 50 kVA con tensione LN fino a 240 VAC, questa serie di simulatori è stata arricchita da modelli che permettono di ottenere tensioni concatenate fino a 528 VAC, utili anche per effettuare prove su prodotti destinati al mercato americano.

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Regatron design and manufactures programmable DC power supplies, bidirectional DC power supplies (DC source / sink systems), DC/DC bidirectional high-power converters, bipolar power supplies, AC power sources / sink systems, custom designed OEM power supplies, AC/DC power supplies, high power DC sources, linear post processing units, rackmount turnkey solutions, rugged products.

Our main product are named TopCon Quadro (DC source), TC.G (grid-tie DC source/sink and unidirectional versions), TC.A (AC sources/sink), following a DC source), TC.LIN (linear post-processing units, following a switch-mode DC source). Available standard software to support various applications: TopControl, TFE (TopCon Function Engine), SASControl, BatControl, BatSim, CapSim, FuelCellSim, GridSim, ACSControl.

Regatron is famous for his solutions to main applications like simulation of batteries, solar arrays, photovoltaic modules, fuel cell stacks for both development and production purposes.  The company is a world leader company for testing of solar inverters, battery blocks and energy storage elements, bidirectional electronic power devices, electrical drive trains in vehicles, onboard and DC power subsystems.
Using Regatron products, customers can feed power to electrolytic processes, plasma spray processes, coils, radar modulators, gas discharge lamps, magnetic sweeping processes, demagnetizing and degaussing systems, battery test and maintenance, cyclic charge and discharge of energy storage devices, fuel cell tests, modulation for device testing, PV simulation for development and equipment testing.

We have been cultivating clearly defined core competencies in Power Electronics, Control- and Drive -Technology since year 1969, when the company was founded in Rorschach.

bodensee With our know-how we solve everyday challenging and unusual tasks in engineering and manufacturing. This is how we accomplish the expected results of our globally active customers and their end users with expertise from Rorschach in Switzerland, located on Bodensee.
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