Programming overview

There exist various ways how to program and control the TopCon power supplies. This is the main entrance to all of them. 

Please check with the pros and cons if the chosen access really matches your requirements!

  • Analog Interface
    You want to control the whole TopCon device in the absolute fastest way (sampled with 10 kHz) and you only need to set the preset values  Upreset, Ipreset, Ppreset and Rpreset
    ⇒ use the analog interface on X105 connector (rear side of TopCon)  
    (not recommended if any other option can be used!) 
  • LowLevel Protocol (LLP)
    You have a PLC or a very special setting that does not allow to use a Windows DLL. 
    ⇒ use the LowLevelProtocol (LLP)

    (not recommended if any other option can be used!)

  • TopCon input/output API  (TCIO)
    You are working with C/C++ and want to control the basic functionality of the TopCon power supply
    ⇒ use the TC Input/Output API (TCIO.DLL)
    (not recommended if you want to have full control over the TFE or SAS functions, only basic functionality is contained; )
  • TopCon Programming API  (TopConAPI)
    You are working with a dotNet language (like C#)  and want to control the TopCon PowerSupply. In particular you want to use PV simulation (SASControl functionality)  related functions on the TopCon power supply
    ⇒ use the TopCon API (TopConAPI.DLL)

The user must understand that there are particular reasons to work with one or the other interface. Such reason might be that a very fast interface is needed, that particular functionality is needed or the like... Regatron does not provide all possible functionality for every approach listed.

Therefore, it is advised to contact -[AT]-  for assistance to correctly choose the best matching interface! 

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