TopCon Quadro product line - TC.P

Programmable power supply TopCon Quadro TC.P is the well known component of the TopCon product family. This section describes this base with available options and additional components. This section consists of the following subsection:

  • Product Overview: This subsection gives a general overview of the TopCon Quadro core components. The reader finds links to documents (e.g. main manual, error/warnings list) and to software/firmware (e.g. TopControl user interface). 
  • TopCon Quadro technical datasheets:  This subsection contains a list of all TC.P power supply types, available. For futher models, please refer to the regional distributor.
  • TopCon Quadro options and accessories: There exist several options that can be combined with the core TopCon power supply.
  • TC.LIN Linear Postprocessor: The so-called TC.LIN is a linear post-processing unit that enhances the performance of the TopCon TC.P base system. Its use is transparent for the user,  it includes a very fast current controller that enables to work with even the most sophisticated MPP tracking algoritms.

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